About the artist:

Untitled photo
Javier González has been shooting photography since he was fifteen years old. He has the gift of letting you see the world through his camera again for the first time. Javier has the ability to capture the moment and instantly create a memory that will last a lifetime by having fun with familiar artistic concepts; he will push the envelope with artistic flair and guide you in creating memorable photographs that you will participate and enjoy in creating. Whether through low key Rembrandtesque black and white photos that move on your emotions and place you there when it happened; or by emulated film photographs of yesteryear with deep lush color that spill words on a page and tell stories. Javier hand processes your photographs to the tune and melody of the moment which means your photographs will not look or feel like other clients’ portfolios, but are unique from the beginning. Give yourself a chance to view the world for the first time again through his eye.